Jumbo Packages - Not USA Serial#

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Item is described as having 1yr USA warranty.Yes, Nikon registered my D300 fine, but notified me that the serial# is gray market.

Their service was on track and I appreciated the communication that took place before the item was shipped. I love this camera, though it is only a material thing.The shipping was free, and the box was in new shape, and included everything a USA model normally would. I honestly cannot tell the difference between gray and USA in this case.

I have no issue with this purchase, but a flag is raised when Nikon says it's a gray market serial number.Cheers.

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Jumbo packages bait and switch

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order was placed,upon pressing for an e mail confirmation of discussed items sales then called me a liar at which point i asked for them to review recorded conversation at which point they knew contents would be checked, they rescinded agreement.danger !

these are dishonest people that prey on consumers slightest lack of attention to detail.customers should do themselves a worthwhile service and spend a few extra bucks and shop at places that have the honest integrity to list their operations physical address and not hide from an informed public.I believe restocking and various fees are another way to scam

Jumbo Packages-Run Around

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I ordered two Nikon lenses from Jumbo Packages at low cost. Received Email asking me to call. Then was told that the credit card that the web site had accepted was not being accepted anymore so I had to use a different credit card. Then was told that there would be a insurance/handling charge that the web site and the invoice I received via Email did not disclose. Also pushed to sell me other items, some of which were listed as being included with the lenses.

Even after talking them out of the insurance charge and agreeing to buying a couple of warranties they still failed to ship the products which the web site indicated they had in stock. Finally got tired of waiting and Emailed them with a cancellation notice, twice, and asked for confirmation which I never received. Received two more Emails requesting that I call to confirm my order, called and cancelled the order again. The person on the phone said that calling was the only way to cancell an order, but they could have Emailed me back and told me that. Along with the hasselling and the delay in filling the order I cancelled it by phone.

My advice, don't let the low prices lull you into dealing with these people.

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I ordered a Nakon D90 Body.They pushed to buy more items at above the regular price.

They also charged me 4% insurance that never told me about. When I received the invoice charges were overinflated.

This note is specially directed to Jeff, the salesman from Jumbo Packages.Jeff, you need to take a class of ethical philosophy and understand that the fututre of your profession does not rely on lying and stealing from clients.



This company is bogus.Don't buy from them!

I ordered a digital camera and lens from their website. The next day I received several phone messages asking me to call back and confirm my order. When I did the sales representative tried to sell me more items and tried to convince me to modify my order.

I asked to speak with the manager and he was worse!I canceled my order.


They have no physical address on their site or contact us info.This usually means a scam operation.

I called to cancel my order and a bizarre one sentence message that they were closed is all I got.Stay away, it's worth the extra $60 to buy through amazon.


i am so glad there are sites like this.I will absolutely avoid Jumbo.

I had an identical runaround as Traylor with an outfit called Broadway photo when I tried to but two projectors.

I finally called InFocus and asked how they could allow bait and switch crooks to handle their products.They apologized and offered me a comparable price...One thing to watch out for: a lot of these outfits are operating under more than one name...the tactics (call in; upselling; wear down the customer) are always the same...


Welcome to the world of Jumbo.It's full of the worst telephone calls you'll ever make in your life.

Your stuff will be delayed by extra e-mail and phone confirmations before shipping, they'll put you on hold forever, then you'll finally get to talk to someone who sounds like he's doing this job against his will. The automated part of the call has ten times the personality of the monotone guys you actually deal with. Slow, slow,...flatline. Everything in the world of Jumbo moves like this.

Ordered a week ago, they tell me it shipped today. I would have cancelled but waited one day too long. Now I'm just hoping that I don't get a box of problems in 8-10 days because I'm sure it will be *** to straighten out. Please do not let this be refurbished junk because I already have that 'scammed' feeling.

If you are that hard up to save a hundred bucks, take your chances in the world of Jumbo.But it ain't worth it in my opinion.


I read these complaints and was highly skeptical about ordering from them..I phoned in and found very personable csr's that were professional and knowledgeable about slr camera's.Nonetheless, they eased my concerns and worked with me on deciding on a package.

Within a few days I received a beautiful BRAND NEW NIKON camera with all the accessories included. Wonderful Customer Service. I highly recommend them.

Not to mention you are getting a steal of a deal BRAND NEW PRODUCT AT LOW LOW PRICE!You absolutely cant beat that!!


So glad I checked this out, I will order from a different site. ;) Thanks for the warning!


In regard to #4, this site's weakness is that it allows anyone to purportedly leave a retraction. (As you can see, I am using the same dtraylor user name as #4, although I did not make the post). I smell a rat, and I doubt that the original poster really encourages people to "try them out." Bait and switch.


great company to deal with, go my package all brand new, i love it

thank you


I bought a package from them and tried to return it, completly unopened and unused.I didn't even open the package it came in.

When i tried to return, they charged me 15% restocking fee, even though I found the camera cheaper elsewhere.Don't buy unless you plan on not returning.


I'm glad to hear that your situation with JumboPackages has been straightened out.On the evening of 8/6 I ordered a lens from them at a much better price than anyone else I saw online.

I received an email confirming my order and the price, which was the same as I saw when I ordered. So far so good. I paid with my credit card.

Why does the Email say at the bottom, "We will follow up with another email when your order is being shipped.Orders are still subject to verification before shipment is made.?"


:) After talking to Bill at JumboPackages misinformation and lack of clear communication had occurred, which also included the credit card company. With the clarification they are meeting their obligations and now I put them in the good guys category, so try them out.

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